Online Weight Loss Challenge

Feel Good and Lose weight

Now the days are getting longer and warmer, is it time that you come out of hibernation, starting shredding that winter doona and start feeling good!  

Come join us with this supportive, education focussed weight loss program, based on changing behaviour habits and the relationship you have with food.. 

Our most recent program had clients losing a combined total of over 50kg, with three clients losing over a staggering 5% body weight, which is nearly 5kg in 6 weeks - wow! Is now your time to take the challenge?

3 Simple Steps ONLINE Weight Loss Challenge - 6 weeks to challenge yourself and make some simple changes to achieve ultimate results.

Our program is run by a qualified nutritionist and health coaches. 




Tracey has been running weight loss programs for over 10 years, and not only has she had many success stories like Angela and Rodney, she herself has lost over 45kg and kept it off for over 8 years!

 "Losing weight is can sometimes be easy if you follow a fad diet, but then what! Evidence repeatedly shows that weight gain will occur and often gains will increase. Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is the real secret, follow me and let me show you how..." 

Tracey Wright Master of Human Nutrition, mother of 2, business owner and general all-round enthusiastic motivator and energiser!

What the Program includes:

  •  Weekly weigh ins/ chat with trainers
  • Weekly education based videos and support, with behaviour and nutrition modification tools 
  • Private Facebook group, where you can get support, motivation and share recipe ideas 
  • Prizes for top weight loss and participation 
  • Fun activity and exercise challenges to keep you moving 
  • Accountability using the Fitbit community (not to worry if you are not on Fitbit) 

Time left until challenge starts...


Dont just take our word, check out why Rodney and Angela are doing it agian!


"To Tracey and the team at take shape. Thank you! I have just completed the online weight loss challenge and I have to say it's got me back on track and it was so simple. Basically by moving more and eating veggies with my meals I was able to lose 10kg. I feel fantastic! The online support was amazing. The stories, recipes, daily exercise routines, hints and tips. Fabulous! And if I can do it then anyone can. Daily check-ins within the group keeps you accountable. I am so doing this again. Get back on track and feel proud and amazing!" 



"I've done 2 weight loss challenges with Take Shape this year and lost nearly 9 kilos! Initially I joined because I wanted to be healthier and losing weight was a result of that. What surprised me is that it was made relatively easy not just because of the support given by the staff at TS, but by all those who are in the challenge as well. The recipe swapping and meal ideas, exercise tips, supporting others and encouragement received makes it an enjoyable experience. The best thing is that you are not on a "diet" - what I eat the family eat, we are all much healthier and have more energy. In between the challenges I've maintained the weight I've lost (I think my metabolism has changed!) but as I haven't got to my goal weight I'm definitely doing it again! My motto each day is eat more greens and move, move, move! Thank you Take Shape I'm feeling really good!!!"


WARNING: Space is limited and these competions fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for...

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